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DyeMansion Powershot C



Unlike manual blasting cabinets, the Powershot C operates with a soft lined rotating basket in a stainless steel cabin. Two simultaneously running blasting nozzles are perfectly aligned with the rotating basket and use glass beads for powder removal. The constant distance between parts and blasting nozzles allows for reproducible cleaning results. This prevents the polymer parts from being damaged during the process, an important starting point for all further steps in the DyeMansion ‘Print-to-Product’ workflow.



The combination of blasting and ionizing nozzles achieve powder-free parts in just a few minutes. The adjustable high performance cyclone separates the excess powder from blasting media and enables consistent blasting results. 

Download the Powershot C Datasheet

Easy part handling

Very easy handling of parts. The Powershot C is able to automatically remove excess powder from most parts. Possibility to manually blast big or complex parts by removing the rotary basket inside the cabinet.

damage prevention

The consistent movement of the parts within the rotary basket ensures reproducible results without damaging the parts. This forms the basis for further processing steps, e.g. coloring and a homogenous color distribution.

productivity increase

One run takes about 10 minutes and replaces up to four manual blasting systems. This way essential manpower and time is saved dramatically. An adjustable timer allows constant batch production.

completely powder free

Integrated ionizing nozzles provide powder and glass free parts after the process. Our customizable cyclone separates the powder from the glass beads and the chamber is cleaned automatically after each run.