Data Shortcut Poject Association

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June 2, 2010
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June 11, 2010

Data Shortcut Poject Association

By Russ Nicloy

If you are using data shortcuts for your Civil 3D projects you probably have to track where shortcuts are stored and which drawing file is using which shortcut.  In the 2011 release there is relief for this.  As you make shortcuts you have the opportunity to make a project association so that Civil 3D can track the relationship.  Not only does it track the relationship, it will change the data shortcut to the correct shortcut location just by your opening of a file.

Notice that there is a “multiple drawings” option where you can point to a file folder, instead of associating one drawing at a time.  Saves some time and effort if your file storage structure is organized well.

Data Shortcut Project Association

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