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The End of Curled InkJet Prints

If your workgroup inkjet plotter is of the older variety, you probably mumble a few choice words every time you send more than one page of a D or E size print, resulting in a mess of curled up prints, overflowing the catch basket, and scattering all over the floor.

Adding to your frustration to complete your project on time, you need to seek out a flat surface nearby to asseble your set of plans – usually an open conference room or breakroom table.

Clearly, this limits an organization’s productivity and has a direct impact on project costs.

The Top Delivery Solution

Years ago, Océ added a top delivery unit to their toner-based printers. This was some pretty smart engineering for plan sets with less than about 50 pages. If you’ve used an Océ Plotwave or Colorwave printer, you’re familiar with how the prints are kept in pretty good order. However, as you’ve probably experienced, the delivery unit has minimum control of prints and they frequently have a slight collision within the set that causes the once-organized plans to turn sideways and create a mess.

HP eventually took a queue from Océ and engineered their own version of a top-delivery unit for their T-Series WorkGroup Plotters, i.e. T930, T1530, T3500 MFP.

HP enhanced the top delivery unit though, with a tension rack that keeps the set flat and organized. When the set completes printing, you simply pull the tension rack forward and remove the organized, flat, collated drawings.

The printers also have a flat surface in front of the top delivery unit that lets you review the set, and maybe even add some annotations or markups if needed.

Print away!



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