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Finally a vertical trimmer is standard on a Wide-Format-Printer

ust when you think there isn’t a whole lot more that can be done to make wide format printers truly more productive, BAM! – a vertical trimmer emerges. And, it’s standard on the double-roll HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+. Meaning, it’s not some expensive add-on from a third-party with limited support.

If you work with maps or do a lot of large format posters and prints on specialty media, you’re probably no stranger to the rotary trimmer. The one in our print room was “customized” with a big light, clamps, and pen marks. Ever finish trimming a big print that took most of the morning to print and trim, only to find a scratch or wrinkle that makes it worthless? Frustrating to say the least. It can also be very costly.

Speaking of costs, just think of the time you spend trimming borders and cutting maps to various sizes for field work. What’s that time worth to you? I’d rather be in the field getting work done than wasting time preparing to go out in the field.

If you’re curious to see how this works, check out the 1-minute video here: VT.

HP DesignJet Z6 / Z9+ HDNA Printhead  

Not only did HP get smart by adding a vertical trimmer to the Z6 and Z9, they also increased the  precision and image quality by employing their High Def Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) in this pair of printers. They did this with HP PageWide XL and their web presses too.

Briefly, the technology behind HDNA, is to deliver 2400 nozzles per inch and dual drop weight per color.

For the end user, it means improved image grain, smoother gray transitions and finer detail. Who doesn’t want that?

Faster processing architecture

One more thing I have to say about the new Z6 after using it for a few weeks; the speed at which the first page out is noticeably much improved over previous graphics printers. I think the combination of the new Adobe PDF Print Engine, which performs like an internal RIP, and the beefy processor, are what contribute to releasing the print from your computer and getting it to the printer so fast.

Well done, HP.

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