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Winning Business With 3D Printing

Most of the time people utilize 3d printing as a tool in their design process.  They use prototypes to verify form and fit, check ergonomics, use as production parts, or to catch costly errors before the manufacturing process is implemented.  Architects also use 3d printing to show how a project will look when completed.  People tend to narrow their view of the usefulness of 3d printing into these areas.  3d printing can also be used by companies in many other ways as well.  One way some companies are seeing the benefit of 3d printing is using the models as a sales tool.

Mastergraphics partnered with a company that wanted to be able to utilize 3d printing to show and demonstrate possible floor plans of large medical equipment they could lay out for their customers.  They wanted to have a tool they could bring into any customer to show them how they could create the floor plan for the existing space available.  The idea was to have the sales team be able to easily transport and display these layouts, and to change how they look on the fly.  They needed to have the ability to conform to the space and to the customer’s exact needs.  They contacted Mastergraphics to help them design, create, and implement these sales tools that greatly helped the ease of visualizing the space needed and the floor plans that could work.


Set of unfinished medical equipment

Example of floor plan layout

     These 3d printed medical machines are approximately 3% of the size of the actual components.  The sets printed include every component that could be installed onsite.  Now, the sales team has an avenue to show the customers how their exact floor plans would be laid out first hand.  They don’t have to rely on paper and pencil to convey ideas.  Customers are better able to understand and visualize exactly where things will be set up and how they would work with each other.  Physical representations of the products are a powerful sales tool for this company and give the sales team a chance to focus on things other than trying to get ideas across. These tools set them apart from the competition and allows for ideas to be easily shared and demonstrated.

Jack Wolf – Imaging Support Specialist

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