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What Happened to My Crown

By Russ Nicloy

I actually posted this a couple of years ago.  I had thought it might be time to update the post when I got a support call that absolutely told me it was time to repost!  If you’re doing road design at all this is important.

The issue at hand is that you may need your road crown points to be labeled in a cross section view.  Or, perhaps you need to export the crown points from the corridor.  If you haven’t made a certain choice for your assembly it may appear that you don’t have any crown points.

There is a real reason why this is missing.  The LaneOutsideSuper subassembly is extremely useful in most road designs, and might be used in a more complex roadway that has multiple lanes.  That means one of them might be the crown of the road, but others might not be.  So this subassembly has an on/off switch for the crown point.  The default for the switch is OFF. Here is what the subassembly property palette looks like in the default form.

Once this is set to YES the crown is now identified in the corridor, and can be used for labeling or points.  Here is the same cross-section properties with the Crown turned on.  Notice that there are actually four point codes added to the assembly.  The crown point is added to all of the material courses.

And finally, here is a look at the cross-section view that shows the crown labels.

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