Océ Plotwave 450/550




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The reliable and productive way to handle large volumes of technical documents

Designed for pure performance, the Océ PlotWave 450 and PlotWave 550 printing systems build on our proven technology to offer best levels of security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Ideal for workgroups who want to have a dependable and productive system to handle a large amount of wide format documents – quickly and smoothly. The one to rely on to print faster, share faster and finish projects faster, while fully safeguarding your confidential information.
Fast and Easy with Oce Clearconnect panel
  • Touchscreen with multi-touch gestures for tablet/ smartphone-like interaction.

  • Easily control printer and scanner/copier with your fingertips using the simple screen movements.

  • Swipe, spread, and zoom in on details of a drawing.

  • Live Preview function to confirm documents are correctly scanned to avoid errors.

Get Better Copy and Color Scanning Results
  • Océ Image Logic® technology automatically
    compensates for wrinkled and light-colored originals
    to produce superior results.

  • Originals are inserted face-up and width of original
    is detected automatically.

  • Create one-touch Scan Templates to capture commonly
    used settings or to require standardized scan settings.

Productive and secure OCE PowerSync Controller
  • Get the power to handle large and complex
    technical documents thanks to the productive
    Océ POWERsync Controller.

  • Concurrency. Scan and copy while printing.

  • Protect confidential information with the latest
    security and protection features supported by
    a Microsoft Windows 8 embedded platform.

  • The open interface of the Océ POWERsync Controller
    enables the printer to embed software like uniFLOW.