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Our job? To help you compete.

Manufacturers need more than superior products to stay competitive. In today’s economy, they need superior processes — processes that will help them maximize design efficiency and leverage design data across their enterprise. And they need skilled staff – staff that is aligned to your departmental and corporate-wide objectives.

The common challenges we have heard from our customers include meeting customer expectations for product complexity, reliability, affordability with ever tighter delivery schedules, compliance with regulations, and increasing competition in today’s global marketplace.


Everything you do can be done more efficiently with BIM

Believe what you’re hearing about Building Information Modeling. It isn’t just another in a line of 3D solutions. It’s a dynamic, data-driven process that’s changing the way architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms are designing, building and managing what they create.

MasterGraphics has been helping the building industry with design and documentation since 1949. More recently we’ve been using our accumulated expertise to help business implement game-changing BIM solutions - to radically improve their performance, differentiate themselves from their competitors and boost their efficiency and profitability.


The consultants the Wisconsin transportation ecosystem turns to for expertise.

A shift is underway in the world of civil engineering. Governments at all levels are adopting AutoCAD Civil 3D and Civil Information Modeling (CIM) as the new standard — and so are their vendors.

To make the most of AutoCAD Civil 3D you need more than just software. You need the 3D solutions that will allow you to leverage your CIM data and seize the opportunities that are in front of you.

We have deep experience in virtually every facet of civil engineering, from technology to CIM workflows, right up to the workings of state government itself.

Which is why, when the Wisconsin Department of Transportation needed a partner to help them create new 3D design and CIM process standards, they turned to MasterGraphics.


Project Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Good management is the heart of any successful project — and PLM is the most reliable process tool for ensuring that your product management is thorough, directed and focused.

Process & Management Consulting

Simply put, process & management consulting helps businesses achieve their full potential. No matter your goal, DataWorks MGI has a solution to help you achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Product Data Management (PDM) & Integration

DataWorks MGI can help you streamline the flow of data and reduce IT maintenance costs by integrating business systems, data stores, and platforms.

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Imaging Technology

The speed and quality of printing and imaging technology is increasing year upon year, and that goes for 2D as well as 3D. Today’s graphic color systems offer large-format, toner-based color printing that is stunningly true to your designs.

Workflow Management

Your systems, your data, your people, even your workflow. MasterGraphics is the region’s recognized leader in design, data and workflow solutions for manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction and infrastructure firms.

Process Efficiency

Digital printing and imaging technology can do a lot more than just help create a more effective, smoother-running design department. It can help create a more effective, smoother running company.

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3D Visualization & Animation Technology

Imagine how your firm would run if there were never any misunderstanding about design intent. 3D visualization makes that possible with crystal-clear, lifelike renderings, models and animations. Already creating visualizations? Let us take you to the next level with interactivity.

3D Printing & Scanning

Studio MGI has everything you need to turn your design department into an innovation hub, including six different types of 3D printing technology. 3D scanning quite literally makes the physical world your plaything - from small pieces of equipment to complete rooms.

Interactive Visual Platforms

Let Studio MGI help you demonstrate your design intent with software platforms that let your clients interact with your data. Our hands-on platforms let them experience architectural designs - even select and change materials, finishes or lighting at will.

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