UltiMaker FACTOR 4

Built for the factory floor

UltiMaker Factor 4

Industrial-grade performance. Reliable and repeatable results.

UltiMaker Factor 4, our new industrial-grade 3D printer, streamlines production, simplifies processes and keeps operations running. With support for engineering materials, direct dual extrusion, onboard print process reporting, and many more innovations, it achieves unrivaled predictability and minimal variance.

High quality results. Every time. Anywhere.

Achieve the highest print accuracy of any UltiMaker printer—even at high resolution on small design features. These will achieve a dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2 mm + ± 0.2% of feature nominal length over the full build plate and across multiple printers.


SDB 00139


SDB 00060-sm

7-inch capacitive touchscreen

Mounted higher to give a better view of the first layers when remote monitoring. Monitor your print in high resolution remotely via UltiMaker Digital Factory.

SDB 00095-sm

H-bridge Gantry

H-bridge gantry and direct drive head enable rapid dual material printing. Factor 4 is capable of reaching up to 340°C on its print cores, 70°C on the print chamber and 120°C on its heated bed.

SDB 00080-sm

Integrated HEPA filter

Independently tested to remove up to 95% of ultrafine particles to increase air quality and peace of mind. The fully enclosed build chamber also boosts print quality.

UltiMaker-Factor4-Promo-a [1200 x 628]