HP Jet Fusion 5000



5000 Solution is specifically engineered to make embracing Multi Jet Fusion technology more accessible for newcomers.

Ideal for industrial prototyping and final part production environments producing up to 2 builds per week (up to 200 parts per week).

HP MJF 5000


The printer utilizes HP 3D HR PA 12, as its material of choice, allowing for printing in Gray. Additionally, it boasts an impressive effective build volume(X, Y, Z) of 380 x 284 x 250 mm (15 x 11.2 x 9.9 in), providing ample space for your creative designs to come to life.


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Take control of the end result, time-to-part, and part quality.

  • Produce prototypes and end-use parts with fine detail, sharp edges, and defined textures using HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology.
  • Accelerate results—speed up overall time-to-part with in-house production
  • Innovative freely with a solution that accommodates multiple designs in one build.  Do more—create bigger builds with larger part sizes XY.


  • Minimize business risk with a lower upfront investment.
  • Manage operating expenses with predictable supplies and maintenance costs using HP 3DaaS—a "pay-as-you-go" business model.
  • Get up and running quickly with installation services and training included with this solution.

Evolve your system when production grows

  • Improve your cost per part with a cost structure that adapts to increasing levels of production with the HP Jet Fusion 5000 to 5200 Upgrade kit.
  • Create an environment where you can print continuously—simply add build units.
  • Save time in powder management and reduce labor costs with an optional processing station that enables clean and automated build preparation, rapid cooling, and easier powder removal.