Introducing the postpro dpx

The most compact Automated Depowdering System






The PostPro DPX is a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces manual labor, improves batch-to-batch consistency, and allows for a cleaner/dust-free working environment.  Class II3/-D T125°C ATEX certification.

The perfect companion to the PostPro SFX to complete your post-processing workflow.

The PostPro DPX is compatible with all common engineering abrasive media.


The PostPro DPX incorporates a touch screen HMI for easy parameter adjustment.


Spacious Basket

A large 10 Litre basket is equipped with a soft plastic liner and mixers to enable high volume part throughput.

Manual Blasting

Parts can be manually blasted by hand using the in-built gloves behind the interlocked gloves cover.

Compact Size

Small footprint to operate in even the most compact of workshops and laboratories.

Ionization Unit

The PostPro DPX is equipped with an ionization unit to reduce static build-up during the process, leaving your parts dust-free and without the requirement for additional cleaning steps.

Powerful Filter

Equipped with a powerful filter for dust separation and to ensure a clear view in the blasting area.

How does Depowdering Work?

This process utilizes high-pressure compressed air in combination with specifically chosen media to eliminate printing powder from components, leaving them pristine and ready for immediate use or for additional processing.  AMT PostPro systems offer complete automated depowdering with customizable parameters, ensuring adaptability to various part specifications.


Components are removed from the print build and placed onto a specially designed basket or conveyor, where the appropriate cleaning recipe is selected. This process is vital for ensuring each part undergoes the optimal cleaning method, tailored to its material and geometry, thereby enhancing the overall quality and durability of the finished product.


The machine utilizes compressed air and media to automatically remove loose powder from components, adhering to predefined recipes and parameters for precise cleaning. This automated process ensures consistency in depowdering, essential for maintaining the integrity and quality of the printed parts, especially for complex geometries or large batches.


Ionized air cleans the components, eliminating static charges and readying them for further post-processing. This method is particularly effective as it ensures even the most minute particles are removed, providing a clean and pristine surface which is essential for high-quality finishing and detail preservation in the next stages of production.

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