Enhancing Educational Experiences with Wide Format Printers in Schools

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In educational environments, wide-format printers unlock incredible possibilities. They bring lessons to life with visual aids that not only enhance learning but also make it more memorable. Beyond classroom instruction, these printers serve an essential role in creating educational materials and disseminating school information. For educators, the advantage is clear: the ability to consistently produce large-scale prints captivates students' attention and enriches the educational journey.

Wide-format printers empower educational institutions by providing the tools to produce essential signage, banners, posters, visual aids, classroom charts, and diagrams in-house, eliminating the hassle and expense associated with outsourcing to external providers.

Using wide-format printers in school allows for students to benefit with improved retention, increased engagement, easier comprehension, motivation to participate, printers encourage creativity & curiosity, and they develop critical thinking & problem-solving skills.


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HP DesignJet Z6 Series

Designed to produce high-definition prints and to handle even the most complex files.  More quality with fewer inks.

1. Built-in Security Features
2.Integrated Vertical Trimmer
3. Handles Complex Files
4. HP Pixel ControlHP_Z6-DR


HP DesignJet XT950

Whether you go big or small, the XT950 series makes printing in all sizes simple and effortless. Made with at least 35% recycled plastic, this plotter is robust, efficient, and designed with software that helps your students work and print securely from virtually anywhere.

HP DesignJet T950  - Right 07


HP DesignJet T2600

Create highly efficient teams with the most compact, quiet MFP that supports collaboration with a smart interface and access to shared folders. 

Designjet T2600 Right scan 03


HP DesignJet T1600

With radically simple solutions and the easiest PDF printing, it's easy for everyone to get great results every time.  

HP DJ T1600 front 530 transparent


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