Chatting 3D Print

The 3D printing podcast keeping it real with the professional and industrial side of additive manufacturing.

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Chatting 3D Print is the podcast where we chat about the latest trends and technologies in additive manufacturing.  We will sit down with our guests to chat about their insights and real-world experiences on how they implemented 3D print/additive manufacturing into their work environments. We are here to be informative and educational about 3D print but also want to have some fun along the way. 



The show is co-hosted by Mark Blumreiter and Kevin Carr and brought to you by MasterGraphics.




Episode 2: February 18, 2021

Mark Blumreiter and Kevin Carr sit down and talk about the latest trends in 3D Print.  Then dive into a chat with Barb Miller-Webb on how she has seen 3D print change in the last 12 years.

Episode 1:  February 8, 2021

Kevin Carr and Mark Blumreiter sit down with Kevin Marchant to discuss Kevin's experiences with additive manufacturing.