What is your old plotter worth?

Now is the best time to find out how to trade up your old technology!

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  • Match the printer to the new digital workflows
    • Today's printing is different from even a few years ago
  • Improved reliability/technology
  • Color and Black/White output the same
  • Print unit consolidation
  • Improved print tools for better print efficiency
  • Improved security - protect yourself
  • Lower cost of operation
  • More Sustainable




Example of Print Environments


Current Print Environment


New Print Environment

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Why MasterGraphics?

We have been a leading force in wide-format industry since 1949, we serve architects, engineers, designers, and manufacturers with the most complete and innovative printers, services, and supplies in the industry. xl10000newsletter-1

  • Wide-format specialist - it's what we do!
  • We focus on CAD drawings and wide-format color workflow
  • 75+ years in the blueprint business
  • Service team with a combined experience of 130+ years
  • MasterGraphics Total Satisfaction Guarantee




Why HP PageWide XL?

  • Mid-High Volume
  • Proven Technology for over 12 years!
  • Technical Advantages
    • Speed - fastest wide format print engine available
    • Quality - unmatched quality
    • Economics - lowest cost of ownership
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • No longer have to choose between color or black/white printing
    • Technical color and black/white prints for the same price!
    • Print what you need in color to communicate more effectively

WHY HP DesignJet?

  • Focused on Low-Mid Volume
  • 25+ Year Legacy of Quality and Reliability
  • Broadest Portfolio in the industry from single to multiple users
  • 2:1 Market Share Leader in the Technical Space
  • Highest R&D Budget and Constant Innovations
  • Most Security Features in Any Large Format Devices
  • Class Leading Support Infrastructure - i.e. MasterGraphics





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