Introducing the postpro SFX

The NEW Generation of Desktop Vapor Smoothing



Desktop Vapor Smoothing System



The world's first bench-top vapor smoothing system, utilizing our cutting-edge green chemistry, PostPro Pure.  Compatible with engineering plastics, the system produces a high-quality vapor-smoothed surface finish even in office environments.


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Plug & Play

Simple and fast installation with a small footprint, enabling operation in an office environment.


Compact & Versatile

Designed for R&D and low-volume prototyping projects.  Suitable for a range of engineering plastics.

Safe & Green Chemistry

The system utilizes PostPro Pure in quick-change cartridges, for safe and hassle-free operation.

What is vapor smoothing and why do you need it?

Vapor smoothing for 3D printing is a process in which additively manufactured parts are exposed to vapor under carefully controlled conditions.  This non-line-of-sight approach creates parts with a smooth surface, improved mechanical performance, sealed, and sterilizable surfaces.  This innovative technology opens a world of new application opportunities in industries such as medical, automotive, food & beverage, and consumer goods.



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