MJF Product Innovation Subscription

  • Can't justify implementing a full HP 5200 System?

  • Need to reduce overhead expenses of POs, Invoices, and paperwork?

  • Could use expert help developing production on HP MJF

  • Not leveraging MJF technology for product development because of lack of access?

If you answered yes to any of those statements then the MJF Product Innovation Subscription is for YOU!







New Project


Subscription Service

  • Equipment hosted at a service provider running an HP 5210 with finishing capabilities
  • Monthly Subscription Fee - starting at 5K per month
    • Provides dedicated access to certain build capacity (ie. 1 full build per week in PA12)
  • Variable cost per build
    • Cost per build based on build/height - packing densitysubscripion service1
    • Standard finishing of depowdering and dying
    • Vapor smoothing is an optional addition
    • Turn around 1-4 days
  • Additional included services
    • Application access for product development - AM knowledge
      • AE spends time monthly with client working on applications/product possibilities
    • Host can create builds and optimize
    • Different materials available


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