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trinckle's solution provides a semi-automated approach to design the fixtures with pre-defined features and routines.  Therefore, it is not only faster for experienced designers but also suitable for users without know-how in CAD software and 3D printing due to its intuitiveness.  The software is easy to use and a training session of 2-3 hours is enough to get the hang of it.

The combination of AM and this automated design workflow significantly reduces the costs per fixture and the lead time drastically.  Roll out access across your entire team or organization, lowering the barriers for the scalable deployment of this fantastic 3D printing use case.

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Videos to Help Navigate fixturemate with ease


Part 1

Introduction to Trinckle and an explanation on leveraging 3D printing for effective production tooling. 




Part 2

Exploring the fixturemate interface and its various features.



Part 3 

A guide on how to add base plates to your custom fixtures.



Part 4 

Instructions on creating support structures to maintain the stability of your workpiece.



Part 5

Tips on adding clamps, labels, holes, and other features to customize your fixtures.



Part 6

Process of exporting your custom fixture for 3D printing.



Part 7

Sharing various tips and tricks to derive maximum value from fixturemate.


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