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  • 200W fiber laser
    The 200W fiber laser allows great productivity and precision
  • Cartridge System
    The cartridge system enables both safe and clean powder handling while minimizing direct powder contact for the user.
  • Large build volume
    With a build volume of 150mm x 150mm x 150mm, the MPRINT+ has the largest construction area in its performance range and is therefore very flexible
  • 70µm focus diameter
    With a focus diameter of 70µm and Galvo scanner, a wide field of applications opens to the user.
  • Lab Module
    Due to the flexible extension with the lab module, the possibilities in the application for the LPBF technology grow.


  • 2 in 1 unpacking and sieving station
    One machine, two functions:
    with the MPUREpro, the unpacking of a component and the sieving of processed powder are combined in one machine.  This means time and cost savings for the user.
  • Automated ultrasonic sieve
    The integrated ultrasonic sieve recycles processed powder. For this, a full overflow cartridge and an empty supply cartridge are inserted into the holders.  The sieving then runs autonomously and independently of the user.
  • Unpacking without powder contact
    Unpacking a component with the MPURE is safe and easy for the user.  Thanks to the chamber door as well as the gloves, the component is unpacked in a closed chamber.  The integrated connection for an ATEX vacuum cleaner further simplifies unpacking.












MONE is the digital platform for location-independent monitoring and control of your MPRINT.

  • Remote monitoring and control: Whether via PC, tablet, or smartphone — with MONE you can monitor and control the current construction job regardless of location.
  • Machine overview: Add machines, and you'll see all available MPRINTs in the overview, which you can individually select.
  • Print Progress: You have access to the built-in camera of the process chamber and can see the remaining time of running the build job.
  • Powder Supply: Monitor the status of the powder supply and receive a forecast of when the cartridges need to be replaced.
  • Upload of build jobs and job planning: Your next build jobs can be uploaded to the MPRINTs and planned through MONE.

Powder and cartridge system

The problem of unsafe and unclean powder management is solved with the BOLDSERIES by the cartridge system.

  • Separation of supply and overflow cartridges avoid risk of mix-ups.
  • Direct powder contact for the user is significantly reduced.
  • Most of the processed powder can be reused.





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Your entry into metal 3D printing

Their product solutions are based on four approaches, which they have identified as the solution to their customers' needs:

  1. The powder and cartridge system provides easy and safe powder management.
  2. The co-thinking-philosophy supports and guides the user from start to finish.
  3. The holistic product solution offers a perfectly harmonized system chain.
  4. A low financial entry barrier allows rapid access into AM-technology.

To make your entry into metal 3D printing as uncomplicated as possible, ONE CLICK METAL has put together a complete packageIt includes everything you need for a technology start —  with transparent costs and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.  

Total package includes:

  • Starter package: cartridge interfaces, cartridge containers, substrate plates, coater lips, bayonet lock, PSA, parameters, lifter
  • Powder package in three different sizes depending on powder requirements