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Our IT / Technical Service Team

Mike Stewart


Mike S - PC/Lan Analyst II / Technical Service Engineer

I've been with MasterGraphics for over 30 years working in our IT department, along with servicing and supporting large format plotters.

I'm a Husband, Father of 3, Grandfather of 2, and a motorcycle enthusiast.



Pat Hubert - Technical Service Engineer

I have been with MasterGraphics since 1984.

I service both Wide Format printers and 3D printers.

I've had the same air guitarist since 2006.




Gary K


Gary Koepke - Technical Service Engineer

My career with MasterGraphics started in 1988 in our former blueprint and camera departments.  I currently service and support wide format plotters.

I'm married and enjoy playing the guitar.

Picture of Stephan (1)


Stephan Montano - Technical Service Engineer

I install and service MasterGraphics' lineup of 2D wide-format printers.  I'm from California, went to school in Washington State, and recently moved to Wisconsin.  In the past, I've worked as a Field Service Technician doing cast iron repairs all over the world.  I enjoy welding, traveling, sports, and gaming.





Steve Trickey - Technical Service Engineer

I have been in the service industry since 1984.  I worked for 10 years for Clifford-Wald, Inc. servicing and rebuilding Diazo blueprint machines and early wide-format engineering copiers in Chicago and its suburbs.  I spent 5 of those years as Service Manager.  I left the company in 1995 to start a repair service with a focus on equipment used in the Reprographic industry such as Diazo, engineering copiers, film processors, cameras, and microfiche printers.  In 2000, I accepted a position with Cushing Co. — a large full-service Chicago printer where I spent 18 years repairing, maintaining, and installing all forms of equipment used in the reprographics industry.  I joined MasterGraphics in 2018 and perform field repair, maintenance, and installation for HP, Océ, and Canon wide-format plotters.

I am a US Navy Veteran.  I have been married for over 25 years to my wife, Sally and I have two daughters, both of whom are graduates of the University of Missouri.  My hobbies include online game development, metalworking, electronics, and auto repair.




Phil Clark - Technical Service Engineer

I've worked with MasterGraphics since 1995, servicing 2D and 3D plotters, scanners, and folders. 

I'm a proud Grandpa.

Daniel B-2


Daniel B - 3D Support Specialist

My Background includes 5+ years of working as an OSC Manager for a 2D printing company.  I oversaw one of their largest accounts, working with individuals to achieve custom orders while diagnosing/troubleshooting technical errors.  

Some of my interests include architectural sight-seeking, nature hikes, and cooking.

Kevin M-1


KEVIN MARCHANT - 3D Technical Service Engineer

I install and service all MasterGraphics' supported 3D printers, while learning to support other areas of interest for new markets.  I have worked in the professional 3D print world for 8 years, and prior to that, I supported the engineering industry.

My wife and I are celebrating being empty nesters and taking advantage of our rooftop tent for weekend getaways. 

lucasphoto (1)



I install and service MasterGraphics' lineup of 2D wide-format printers.

I grew up in Northern Michigan, my mother is a reporter for the local newspaper and true crime author, and my dad is a painting contractor and former school teacher.  I moved to Chicago for more opportunities and worked in construction for the last 5 years before joining MasterGraphics.

I like to do woodworking and leatherwork.  I am an active member of historical reenactment and LARPer communities.  I am also an outdoorsman and animal lover.