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This 3D printer offers lighting-fast printing, a large working area, access to the full range of materials, and open printing parameters.  All designed to give you more freedom to innovate more and faster.

Whether you work on new products or run research projects, how fast you can print parts matters.  Being able to print most elements within 24 hours allows you to innovate faster.  Then, instead of waiting for the results of printing, you can focus on what's important - checking your ideas faster, reinventing them, and achieving the results you expect.  Until now, really fast SLS printing was available only in large industrial machines.  Sinterit set out to bring speed to more 3D printing professionals using compact printers.  This is why they've equipped the Lisa X with the powerful laser (30W) and galvo scanner thanks to that it achieves revolutionary industrial speed without sacrificing high-end quality printouts.  This makes the Lisa X the best investment for those who need more detailed prints much faster.

How fast is the Lisa X?

- Up to five full beds per week

-Full bed printed in 34 hours

-Most printouts ready in 24 hours

-Even 12x shorter printing time than the Lisa PRO


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Sinterit Powder Handling Station

PHS V2 otwarty_ZI_9109 V2 bez narzedzi i bez ramy

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PHS V2_ZI_8868


Superior quality powder handling

Supporting device designed to make post-processing and powder recovery as clean as possible.

9 different materials


β‡’ PA12 Smooth
β‡’ PA11 Onyx

Standard material sinterit


β‡’ PA11 CF
β‡’ PA11 ESD
β‡’ PP Polypropylene



β‡’ Flexa Bright
β‡’ Flexa Soft
β‡’ Flexa Grey
β‡’ TPE

Flexible materials sinterit

The Open SLS 3D printer also enables you to test third-party materials, including those that require nitrogen for sintering.

As a result, you keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of 3D printing.