Sinterit NILS 480

New Industrial Laser Sintering

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1-Group 425-300x72

1-Mask Group 205@2x

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A NEW INDUSTRIAL SLS 3D PRINTER with the reinvented productivity ensuring the best ROI on the SLS technology market.

Industrial professionals expect to achieve optimal printing costs. However, those costs are down to a variety of factors, including printer performance, the cost and refresh ratio of materials, machine maintenance, machine speed, printer purchase depreciation, and electricity.  By accounting for all of these factors and adding two automated systems we have achieved an extraordinarily productive machine: the NILS 480.  It drives down per-part costs, thus boosting ROI much faster than other SLS printers on the market.

Nils 480 has kept main Sinterit features:

1. Printouts quality
    -Smooth surface
    -Ultra-high precision
    -Dimensional accuracy

2. SLS printout benefits
    -NO support structures
    -Complex geometry
    -Movable parts

3. Open environment
    -32 parameters to control
    -Own material profiles
    -Use of 3rd party materials

4. Wide material range
    -Highly durable
    -Temperature resistant





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NILS 480 printouts quality

NILS 480 makes a big difference when it comes to the build size. 200x200x330 print bed allows you to print:
  • A whole shoe
  • Housing of most electronic devices
  • Automotive prototypes such as air filter housing, lamp or rocker arm
  • Whole arm orthosis

Optimal packing of printouts will be ensured by Sinterit's unique solution: Auto Nesting built into Sinterit Studio.


9 different materials


PA12 Smooth
⇒ PA11 Onyx

Standard material sinterit


⇒ PA11 CF
⇒ PA11 ESD
⇒ PP Polypropylene



⇒ Flexa Bright
⇒ Flexa Soft
 Flexa Grey

Flexible materials sinterit

The Open SLS 3D printer also enables you to test third-party materials, including those that require nitrogen for sintering.

As a result, you keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of 3D printing.