Sinterit Powder Handling Station

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Superior quality powder handling

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Supporting device designed to make post-processing and powder recovery as clean as possible.

Compatible with Lisa, Lisa PRO, Lisa X, and NILS 480

All processes in one place




Post-processing and powder recovery: all processed in one place!

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Clean your printer and collect the unused powder in 10 minutes.  Save time and money.

Get your printer ready for the next print in less than 10 minutes.  Use the ATEX Vacuum with powder separator not only to clean but also to collect unsintered powder in a dedicated container and quickly prepare it for your next print.


Use the ATEX Vacuum Cleaner to clean your workspace with a few simple moves.

Eliminate the mess in your workplace and recover 100% of your powder.  With the ATEX Vacuum, you can gather powder spilled during printout clean-up - from both the workshop and the printout surface.  And it's 100% safe.


Minimize your workflow: collect powder and clean your workspace with a single device.

Use the Sinterit separator to automatically transfer collected powder into the dedicated container, with no manual transfer required.  The powder can then be easily poured into the Sinterit Sieve, or closed in the container and left for further processing.




  • compatible with Sandblaster, Sandblaster SLS, and ATEX Vacuum cleaner
  • clever workspace designed for all Sinterit printers
  • dedicated 3D printed vacuum attachments for depowdering 
  • purposeful storage space - three drawers and a shelf for tools with built-in LED lighting
  • built-in sieving module and a powder separator
  • equipped with a 20-litre powder container
  • remote control of sandblasting, vacuuming, and collecting the powder


Dimensions 700 x 1000 x 1800 [mm] /27.6 x 39.4 x 70.9 [in]
Total Weight 160 kg / 352.7 lbs
Space of installation 1700 x 2200 x 1800 / 66.9 x 86.6 x 70.9
Voltage 230[V] AC, 50/60 [Hz] or 110 [V] AC 50/60 [Hz]
Power Supply 110/230 V AC, 12 VDC 6.67 A, 80W

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